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Meat Slicer Chef's Choice 615 Electric Food Slicer
Our Current Top Pick - This rugged slicer will make quick work of your food, but go easy on your budget. Able to slice to the perfect thickness, the Chef's Choice 615 slicer is compact and efficient.

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Meat Slicer Benefits

Meat slicers are becoming standard equipment in many home kitchens, and for good reason. They can cut meat, cheese, vegetables, bread and fruit, in the desired thickness with relative ease and in less time.

There are many benefits to doing your food slicing at home:

Saves You Money - Slicing your own food will save you money over buying it pre-sliced from the supermarket.

It's Healthy - By doing the slicing yourself, you can avoid any added sodium, MSG, sodium nitrates and nitrites, as well as any other chemical additives and preservatives that are often found in prepackaged foods and processed deli meats.

Perfect Slices Every Time - Unlike using a knife, an electric meat slicer allows you to make perfectly uniform cuts every time. Party platters are simple to prepare and are far cheaper than you would have to pay a caterer or for prepackaged trays.

For the home, slicers with a 7-9 inch blade can handle the slicing load for everyday use. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they are often compact enough in size to fit under the counter. Higher end models will sometimes have a built-in sharpening system.

A meat slicer is a smart investment for the home or for the food preparation business. If you think the cost of a quality food slicer is beyond your budget, see our reviews for a pleasant surprise.

We provide answers to all of your meat slicing questions as well as giving recommendations on what to buy based on your needs.

Recommended Slicer for People on a Budget

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